CompTIA Linux+ Certification

Days:  5

         Prerequisites:  CompTIA A+ certification or equivalent experience

                         Unit 1:  Installing Linux

                               Topic A:  Linux overview

                               Topic B:  Installing Linux

                         Unit 2:  Using Linux

                               Topic A:  Graphical user interfaces

                               Topic B:  Command-line Linux

                         Unit 3:  File and directory management

                               Topic A:  Directory organization

                               Topic B:  File management

                               Topic C:  Removable storage

                         Unit 4:  System administration

                               Topic A:  Users and groups

                               Topic B:  File and directory permissions

                         Unit 5:  User environment configuration

                               Topic A:  Shell configuration

                               Topic B:  GUI configuration

                         Unit 6:  Application management

                               Topic A:  Package management

                               Topic B:  Managing shared libraries

                         Unit 7:  System configuration

                               Topic A:  Disk management

                               Topic B:  File system management

                               Topic C:  Disk quotas

                               Topic D:  Device management

                         Unit 8:  Process and module management

                               Topic A:  Process management

                               Topic B:  Process priority and execution

                               Topic C:  Kernel modules

                         Unit 9:  System maintenance

                               Topic A:  Backup and restore

                               Topic B:  Scheduling tasks

                               Topic C:  Performance monitoring

                               Topic D:  Logging

                       Unit 10:  Networking

                               Topic A:  Networking basics

                               Topic B:  Network services

                               Topic C:  Domain name services

                       Unit 11:  File sharing and printing

                               Topic A:  Network file resources

                               Topic B:  Printing

                       Unit 12:  Accessibility and localization

                               Topic A:  Accessibility

                               Topic B:  Localization

                       Unit 13:  Security

                               Topic A:  System security

                               Topic B:  Network security

                       Unit 14:  Web environment

                               Topic A:  Web services

                               Topic B:  MySQL services

                               Topic C:  SQL

                       Unit 15:  FTP and e-mail services

                               Topic A:  FTP services

                               Topic B:  Mail services

                       Unit 16:  Troubleshooting and maintenance

                               Topic A:  Booting Linux

                               Topic B:  Network troubleshooting

                               Topic C:  Scripting basics