CompTIA A+ Certification 802

Days:  5

          Prerequisites:  CompTIA A+ Certification: Exam 220-801, Revised

                         Unit 1:  Troubleshooting basics

                               Topic A:  Troubleshooting methodology

                               Topic B:  The troubleshooting toolkit

                         Unit 2:  Client operating systems

                               Topic A:  Comparing Windows editions

                               Topic B:  Configuring Windows Explorer

                               Topic C:  The Command Line utility

                               Topic D:  Virtualization

                         Unit 3:  Configuring the operating system

                               Topic A:  System configuration tools

                               Topic B:  System information and monitoring

                               Topic C:  Task management

                               Topic D:  Configuration files

                         Unit 4:  Configuring hardware settings

                               Topic A:  Device and hardware settings

                               Topic B:  Disks and partitions

                         Unit 5:  Networking PCs

                               Topic A:  Creating network connections

                               Topic B:  Sharing files and printers

                               Topic C:  Remote connections

                         Unit 6:  Authentication and user security

                               Topic A:  Users and authentication

                               Topic B:  Windows security policies

                               Topic C:  File system security

                         Unit 7:  Securing systems and data

                               Topic A:  Identifying common threats

                               Topic B:  Physical security

                               Topic C:  Digital security

                               Topic D:  Data destruction and disposal

                               Topic E:  Malware detection and removal

                         Unit 8:  Preventative maintenance

                               Topic A:  Performing backups

                               Topic B:  Disk maintenance

                               Topic C:  Updating software

                         Unit 9:  Securing networks

                               Topic A:  Securing wired networks

                               Topic B:  Securing wireless networks

                       Unit 10:  Troubleshooting system hardware

                               Topic A:  Troubleshooting core system elements

                               Topic B:  Troubleshooting storage devices

                               Topic C:  Troubleshooting laptop computers

                       Unit 11:  Display and printer troubleshooting

                               Topic A:  Troubleshooting display issues

                               Topic B:  Printer troubleshooting

                       Unit 12:  Network troubleshooting

                               Topic A:  Troubleshooting the physical network

                               Topic B:  Troubleshooting the logical network

                       Unit 13:  Operating system troubleshooting

                               Topic A:  Startup and recovery tools

                               Topic B:  Troubleshooting Windows and application issues

                       Unit 14:  Mobile devices

                               Topic A:  Comparing tablets and laptops

                               Topic B:  Basic features of mobile operating systems

                               Topic C:  Mobile networks and email

                               Topic D:  Methods for securing mobile devices

                               Topic E:  Synchronizing data

                       Unit 15:  Operating system installation and upgrades

                               Topic A:  Preparing to install Windows

                               Topic B:  Windows installation

                               Topic C:  Windows upgrades and compatibility