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  • You just want it to work

    Your IT infrastructure is indispensable in day-to-day operations allowing your employees to get the job done, it’s your business’ most important tool. Like most “Brand New” products whether it be a Server, Workstation or Network Device it is installed by a skilled technical professional and after the initial configuration is completed it just works.

  • Why does it eventually break?

    One nuance many Small Businesses may overlook is the fact that “Brand New” hardware, software or configuration from the initial installation never stays exactly the same as the infrastructure begins to age. Over time manufacturers update system firmware, line-of-business applications receive updates and Server / Workstation Operating systems begin to grow with Critical Security Updates and Patches weekly.

  • Waiting for something to break is not a Strategy

    Before too long the initial installation may have trouble keeping everything in order as these changes begin to add up. This eventually leads to performance issues, degradation in employee efficiency and network down-time, all of which factor into the total cost of ownership (TCO) for the IT infrastructure. Many view this cost as an expense and only call on IT resources when something breaks. Long-term this strategy is the most costly option for your business.

  • Being proactive will save your business money

    Just as your car needs to have its tires rotated, oil changed and engine checked periodically to keep you mobile the innate benefit of having a mechanic perform preventative maintenance can also inform you of issues before they turn into serious problems. Ultimately you could forgo these check-ups but the alternative is being stranded by the side of the road at a moment’s notice having to deal with it right then, unprepared and alone.

  • We keep you Up and Earning

    Having an AOS Managed Service Agreement is an investment in your IT infrastructure to proactively identify issues before they turn into problems and effectively keeping your business up and earning. Using industry leading remote management and monitoring tools, effective IT management workflows and dedicated professionally trained staff Automated Office Solutions is your trusted partner in managing your company network.

    You just want it to work

    With an Automated Office Solutions (AOS) Managed Service Agreement that’s what you’re going to get.