CompTIA Project+ Certification: 2009 Objectives

Days:  3

          Prerequisites:  None

                         Unit 1:  Project management overview

                               Topic A:  Introduction to project management

                               Topic B:  IT project management

                               Topic C:  Different types of organizational structures

                         Unit 2:  Project initiation

                               Topic A:  Stakeholder requirements

                               Topic B:  Business case

                               Topic C:  Requirements analysis

                               Topic D:  Key roles and responsibilities

                               Topic E:  The project charter

                               Topic F:  Stakeholder consensus and approval

                         Unit 3:  Project planning, estimating and scheduling

                               Topic A:  Planning phase

                               Topic B:  Defining scope

                               Topic C:  Creating a work breakdown structure

                               Topic D:  Developing time and cost estimates

                               Topic E:  Creating a budget

                               Topic F:  The project team

                              Topic G:  The project schedule

                         Unit 4:  Creating project plans

                               Topic A:  The communications management plan

                               Topic B:  The procurement management plan

                               Topic C:  The risk management plan

                               Topic D:  The quality management plan

                               Topic E:  The project management plan

                         Unit 5:  Managing people

                               Topic A:  Managing the project team

                               Topic B:  Relationship with customer and sponsor

                         Unit 6:  Managing cost and evaluating project performance

                               Topic A:  Tracking

                               Topic B:  Performance reporting

                         Unit 7:  Managing change and quality

                               Topic A:  Managing change

                               Topic B:  Managing quality

                         Unit 8:  Project closure

                               Topic A:  Closing a project