CompTIA Server+ Certification: 2009 Objectives

Days:  5

         Prerequisites:  CompTIA® A+ Certification or equivalent experience

                         Unit 1:  Deploying the chassis

                               Topic A:  Form factors

                               Topic B:  Power supplies

                               Topic C:  Cooling systems

                         Unit 2:  Selecting CPUs and motherboards

                               Topic A:  Central processing units

                               Topic B:  Packaging and slots

                               Topic C:  Motherboards

                         Unit 3:  Managing the BIOS

                               Topic A:  The BIOS and CMOS

                               Topic B:  The POST and boot processes

                         Unit 4:  Selecting memory

                               Topic A:  Memory

                               Topic B:  Memory packaging

                         Unit 5:  Troubleshooting methodology

                               Topic A:  Troubleshooting models

                               Topic B:  Troubleshooting toolkits

                               Topic C:  Troubleshooting system components

                         Unit 6:  Installing expansion cards

                               Topic A:  Buses

                               Topic B:  Drive adapters

                               Topic C:  Multimedia expansion devices

                               Topic D:  Troubleshooting expansion cards

                         Unit 7:  Installing data storage devices

                               Topic A:  Installing storage devices

                               Topic B:  Selecting RAID technologies

                               Topic C:  Troubleshooting data storage

                         Unit 8:  Installing a network operating system

                               Topic A:  Server roles

                               Topic B:  Virtualization

                               Topic C:  Installing Linux

                               Topic D:  Installing Windows Server

                         Unit 9:  Networking

                               Topic A:  Networking essentials

                               Topic B:  Networking utilities

                               Topic C:  Troubleshooting

                       Unit 10:  Managing a network server

                               Topic A:  User management

                               Topic B:  Resource management

                               Topic C:  Monitoring and management

                       Unit 11:  Documenting and planning

                               Topic A:  Documenting the IT environment

                               Topic B:  Planning and implementing change

                               Topic C:  Managing physical access and security

                       Unit 12:  Preparing for disaster

                               Topic A:  Backing up data

                               Topic B:  Server redundancy and other disaster precautions

                               Topic C:  Developing a disaster recovery plan