Microsoft Publisher 2010 Basic

Course Length: One day

This ILT Series course teaches the core features and functions of Publisher 2010. Students will learn how to navigate the Publisher interface, create and edit publications, arrange text and pictures, work with master pages, and create and format tables. They will also learn how to flow text across text boxes, create a facing-pages layout, export publications to PDF, and prepare publications for commercial printing.

Table Of Contents:
Unit 1: Getting started
Topic A: The Publisher interface
Topic B: Navigation and selection techniques
Topic C: Publisher Help

Unit 2: Basic publications
Topic A: Publication basics
Topic B: Object positioning

Unit 3: Multi-page publications
Topic A: Multi-page layouts
Topic B: Master pages

Unit 4: Working with text
Topic A: Text box linking
Topic B: Paragraph formatting

Unit 5: Tables
Topic A: Table basics
Topic B: Table structure
Topic C: Table formatting

Unit 6: Layout and design techniques
Topic A: Text boxes
Topic B: Graphics adjustments
Topic C: Stacking and grouping objects

Unit 7: Finalizing publications
Topic A: Publication output
Topic B: Print preparation