Education Newsletter November 2016

In this issue of November 2016,

“I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work” – Thomas Edison
An important matter has been rising in the United States: cyber security. We are at cyber war due to how many businesses and individuals are being cyber-attacked. We need to make sure all employees that have the potential to be cyber-attacked, mainly technicians, are informed in cyber security, and that is precisely why I want to bring up the Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) course. If you’d like to learn more about its importance and how it benefits your company, contact me and we’ll talk more in-depth about it. On another note, interest in upgrading to Office 2016 has recently been picking up among businesses. We won’t post 2016 Application classes until more people are wanting them, so let us know! Additionally, it is quite a ways down the road, but there’s a guaranteed-to-run Cisco CCNA/CCENT class the week of December 19th. There are also several guaranteed-to-run Office 2013 classes that could pop up near the end of the year (hey, we’re already almost there), so keep your eye out! If there’s any other classes you’d like more info on or would like to attend, contact me (via (812)471-5005 or and let me know! For now, here are the upcoming classes.
Word 2013: Intermediate                                 November 3, 2016
CompTIA A+                                                       November 7, 2016
Word 2013: Advanced                                       November 8, 2016
Excel 2013: Basic                                                November 10, 2016
Crystal Reports 2013: Basic                             November 15, 2016
Crystal Reports 2013: Advanced                     November 17, 2016
EC Council Certified Ethical Hacking v. 9    November 21, 2016
Project 2013: Basic                                            November 23, 2016
Project 2013: Advanced                                    November 24, 2016
Excel 2013: Intermediate                                 November 29, 2016
Excel 2013: Advanced                                       December 1, 2016
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