Automated Office Solutions

Printing Solutions

The Automated Office Solutions printing solutions department ranges from inkjet and laser printer sales and service, to full on managed print solutions. Whether your business is only a few people and a single printer or you run and mid-size business with several different printer, copier, multifunction printers.   This process begins with a full analysis of your current printing infrastructure.  This enables us to develop a proactive approach to the three M’s – monitoring, managing and maximizing your printer infrastructure.

We can also sell and repair receipt printers and plotters. Read on to find out more about how we can help find a printing solution that is right for your business or corporation.

  • Monitor

    AOS experts are able to identify, diagnose and implement solutions before they effect business productivity. Thus, saving you time and money.

  • Manage

    Identify and install any updates to the printers to allow them to work freely and continuously in the network.  As well as performing preschedule routine maintenance to increase printer life and levels of performance.

  • Maximize

    Help reduce your company’s carbon footprint by using less paper.  Install a higher efficiency machine to save on electric bills while emitting less greenhouse gases.