Your Mobile Future – AOS

You would have had to have been living under a rock these past couple of years to not know what a “smartphone” is. The sleek and slender hand held devices have sold 100’s of millions units and started a cultural shift in mobile computing. Mankind now has access to literally 5 trillion terabytes of data in the palm of their hand thanks to the glory of the almighty internet. Everything from ancient history to the latest market news, email, video and entertainment right there in your pocket!


The way individuals have become dependent upon their mobile devices for everyday life is increasing at an exponential pace. MasterCard one of the world’s largest financial services corporations just announced a glimpse at the future of your mobile device. PayPass Wallet Services will look to turn your already capable and multipurpose smartphone into your new preferred method of payment for online transactions to everyday out and about necessities.


As you can imagine this opens up and entirely different dynamic to losing your mobile device. Not only do smartphones already contain more personal information than any single item an individual can carry an, they also have the capability of providing access to internal company email, company data and proprietary intellectual property if the organization is using a non-secure file sharing service such as Dropbox Free as well as many other security vulnerabilities should the device become lost or stolen.


At Automated Office Solutions we are constantly identifying future trends that can impact our clients and local businesses. With the mobile devices outselling desktop clients, we recognize a tremendous opportunity for our clients to be at the forefront of this technology. Yet, understand the importance of educating them on the proper security measures needed to ensure the safety of their brand and clientele.


We look forward to understanding this emerging technology and bringing you the solutions you can count on. If you would like a consultation involving any of our Bring Your Own Device “BYOD” solutions please don’t hesitate to call on us, we can safely and securely help your business manage its mobile device fleet.


Justin M. Faith

Service Manager