Honestly it’s time….

Many of you may be aware April 8th, 2014 marks the day that Microsoft will officially stop supporting Windows XP and Office 2003.


So what does this actually mean to your business? Microsoft will no longer provide security updates or patches, support options or online content upgrades.


Many expect a host of XP-related viruses/malware to be released almost immediately as Microsoft stops providing security patches/updates.  Malicious coders will know how unprotected XP users are and know how to take full advantage of it.


We understand that no system is without weakness, however there are ways to minimize exposure and maximize protection from potential threats. Much like the way you maintain an automobile with regular oil changes, tire rotations and other general preventative maintenance. Operating systems use security updates to monitor malicious websites, software vulnerabilities, unwanted software and malware. Thus making your computer run smoother and last longer.


True there are costs to updating and you may need new hardware to support the modern operating system. But, Windows 8 and other modern operating systems have technologies that make it harder, more complex and more expensive for cybercriminals. It may be time to upgrade your equipment, move to tablets or notebooks this is a great opportunity to turn a negative into a positive.


If you, a friend or a company you know is using Windows XP and would like some additional information on their options, we are happy to help and educate them on their choices.