CompTIA A+ Certification 801

Exam 220-801, Revised

                         Days:  4

          Prerequisites:  One of the following courses or have equivalent experience:
·         Windows 7: Basic
·         Windows Vista: Basic
·         Windows XP: Basic

 Unit 1:  Safety procedures and power supplies

                               Topic A:  Safety procedures

                               Topic B:  Power supplies

 Unit 2:  Motherboards and CPUs

                               Topic A:  Motherboards

                               Topic B:  CPUs

                               Topic C:  BIOS settings

                               Topic D:  Expansion cards

Unit 3:  Memory and physical storage

                               Topic A:  Memory

                               Topic B:  Storage devices and media

Unit 4: Connections and peripherals

                               Topic A:  Serial vs. parallel interfaces

                               Topic B:  Modern peripheral connections

                               Topic C:  Keyboards and mice

Unit 5: Media devices

                               Topic A:  Media connectors

                               Topic B:  Display devices

                               Topic C:  Audio and multimedia devices

                         Unit 6:  Printers

                               Topic A:  Imaging processes

                               Topic B:  Printer installation

                               Topic C:  Printer maintenance

                         Unit 7:  Notebooks

                               Topic A:  Notebook hardware components

                               Topic B:  Notebook displays

                               Topic C:  Laptop features

                         Unit 8:  Networking basics

                               Topic A:  Networks

                               Topic B:  Internet connection types

                               Topic C:  Network devices

                         Unit 9:  The physical network

                               Topic A:  Network cable and connector types

                               Topic B:  Cable and connector properties

                               Topic C:  Networking tools

                       Unit 10:  Networking protocols

                               Topic A:  TCP/IP

                               Topic B:  Ports and protocols

                       Unit 11:  Wireless networking

                               Topic A:  Wireless networking standards

                               Topic B:  Wireless SOHO networking

                       Unit 12:  Professional conduct

                               Topic A:  Communication and professionalism

                               Topic B:  Environmental issues

                               Topic C:  Incident response